Science and Mathematics Resource Center (Curriculum lab)

Science is one of those human activities that man has created to gratify certain human needs. The Search for Truth has been the dominant motive in the advancement of science. Science also owes a great deal to mathematics for all its advancements as mathematical tools are largely applied to save scientific problem. Establishment of SMRC at City College is expected to perform the following functions.

  • Provide space and material to student teachers for hands-on experience with science
    and mathematics learning material.
  • Providing the teacher-educators and student teachers material and equipments for
    demonstration, experimentation and other related activities.
  • Providing opportunities to teacher educators to demonstrate process skills.
  • Providing a place equipped with necessary resources to stimulate thinking leading to
    development of innovative teaching learning material.
  • Providing a place to store/exhibit the TLM prepared by student teachers and teacher

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