Vision & Mission


  1. SANSKAR SAHEET SHIKSHA is the motto of City College of Education (CCE)
  2. To strive for the improving the quality of teacher education in the country.
  3. To be among top 10 educational colleges of country.
  4. To maintain the role of teacher which has been eulogized in our ancient past in the ideal of the GURU.
  5. To provide an education which a perfect blend of old ideal values mixed with modern pace of life.
  6. “SANSKARS” must be core element of teacher education.
  7. To contribute to the development of the neighboring community.
  8. To cultivate an appreciation for diverse culture and experience within & outside the college community


  1. To realize the objective of teacher education, that is to prepare “Profssional” for the schools of 21st
  2. Continuously striving for improving the quality of teacher education in the country.
  3. To focus on quality, relevance & innovation in each discipline.
  4. To inculcate “SANSKAR” in modern teaching.
  5. To celebrate the national traditions, culture, heritage & folk love.

About College

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you and your child into the City College of Education (CCE) family . we have already stepped into the 21st century at City College of Education we fully understand that the change is the only constant. We believe in the philosophy of learn, unlearn, and relearn. This inspires us to reinvent and innovate. Read More